3…2…1… *RELAUNCH*

It’s been 7+ years since I last updated my web identity. That’s a long time. In this same span of this time, I’ve moved from Louisiana (Who Dat?…don’t judge me) to Texas, bought and built a home, got married and had an amazing baby girl. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Rich, you didn’t have a baby, your wife did” and while that’s true, it’s beside the point! So why they update now after all this time? Simple answer… I want to need to put my photography back in the world and let people know I still practice this art form. Not to mention, the select few that have seen my work during this hiatus have urged me to offer my visions as a service again. So, I redesigned, rebranded, and relaunched my web identity to show my photographic talents (mystic unicorn skills released later), and what you’re seeing is the fruits of my labor.

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Maddie’s Frozen Adventure

Since Maddie’s been born, I like to do at least one studio shoot a year to document what she looks like at her current age, what she’s into, her personality, etc. I have done this 3 years in a row around Christmas time. This year was no different, except that I moved the session out to the garage. I set up the seamless, placed and weighted down the lights (even placed extra weight as an extended precaution since I was about to have a 2.5-year-old Tasmanian on the lose). After I had the set created, I informed my wife, Lauren, and she brought Maddie out – she was in all her glory!

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Merry Christmas, Brooke’s!

I offered to shoot the neighbors family photos this year as my Christmas presents to them. I told them all, no strings attached. I simply wanted to give them a current image of their families. The Brooks jumped on this, they asked me what day I wanted to do this on, what time, want what they should wear. I let them know I wanted to shoot Christmas Eve, after noon, and this is all about you in terms of what you wear. If they wanted formal, go formal, want relaxed, dress down, you let me know how you want me to capture you.

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Maddie’s Snow Day!

The morning started out like any other Friday morning. My and Lauren’s alarms went off at 5:45 am, we groaned then turned them off. We both rolled over on each of our sides of the bed to get up… And then we… well, let me step back and actually tell the truth… Lauren rolled over and got out of bed. At that moment, she noticed something was different about the day. It was a much colder today. She looked out our bedroom window and saw white through the dark and she yelled, “IT SNOWED!”

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Tic Tac’s & The Darnells

It was a joy to shoot the Darnell family. They brought tons of energy with them to our session at Rob Fleming Park. As soon as they got there, I immediately introduced myself to the boys and let them know what I planned on doing, and most importantly I got their permission to let me point my camera at them. The session went how I’d expected it to go. We had ups and downs with the boys, but I was prepared with my secret weapons. Those weapons were Lego Batman gaffe tapped to my lens hood, my superhero green lantern cape, and orange tic-tacs!

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