Tic Tac’s & The Darnells

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Here’s how it went down…

Brett: Rich, I need a picture for a Christmas card; Can you take photos of us so we can get one?
Rich: Sure, do you have anything specific in mind you want to do? Setting? Location? Scenery? Etc?
Brett: Just want something nice that we can put on a Christmas card
Rich: Okay, I’ll take care of y’all for that, and I can also make current images of the boys (3 and 5-year-olds) together and separate, and you and Emily since I’m pretty sure you two haven’t’ had anything with just you two since your wedding, right?
Brett: That is correct, and that sounds awesome”
Rich: So, what are the boys into so I can relate to them rain then back in if I start to lose them in the shoot?
Brett: Superheroes, animals, baseball and… orange Tic Tacs.“

It was a joy to shoot the Darnell family. They brought tons of energy with them to our session at Rob Fleming Park. As soon as they got there, I immediately introduced myself to the boys and let them know what I planned on doing, and most importantly I got their permission to let me point my camera at them.

The session went how I’d expected it to go. We had ups and downs with the boys, but I was prepared with my secret weapons. Those weapons were Lego Batman gaffe tapped to my lens hood, my superhero green lantern cape, and orange tic-tacs!

Batman worked longer than I expected him to, and when he started to lose his luster, I broke out the tic tacs. I had instant buy-in from their oldest son, but the youngest was still playing a bit of hardball, but I powered through and worked around what he was giving me. Patience, persistence, and space truly pay off with kiddos. Every kid is different and it just takes some time to figure them out and work your way into their inner circle,

The shoot wrapped and Brett, Emily and I said our thank yous and goodbyes. They knew I took care of them but they didn’t expect or anticipate what I was able to do until they saw what I delivered later on.

“Thank you so much! I love our pictures; they exceeded my expectations tremendously with the way Ford was behaving. Nothing makes me smile more than looking at precious photos of my family! Thanks again for making my heart happy with these images.”

— Emily Darnel

“Hahaha, look at Ford, dude these are great, I didn’t think you got much of him with the way he was acting”

— Brett Darnel

Statements like this are the reason I do this. It’s great when I exceed expectations. To see the pure joy and love on people’s faces when they see pictures of themselves and their loved ones captured in ways that are intimate to them is… it’s just amazing.

I’m glad I was able to make these pictures for this family.

And in case you’re wondering, the tic tacs were a hit!

– Rich


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