Energetic, thoughtful, careful, or courageous.

Whatever their personality, all kids are beautiful. I absolutely love creating with kids. My daughter is such a ray of sunshine and has shown me that there is so much beauty through the eyes of children.  They are our babies only for so long until they grow and develop into who they’re meant to be. Capturing who a child is as they grow is a wonderful way for parents and loved ones to reflect on these transformations over the years. Kids are pure and innocent and they’ll show you so much joy if you let them. Let’s document that!

Family / Lifestyle

Fun-loving, sweet, quirky, or spirited.

Families may express themselves in many ways, be it through subtle or overstated expressions and interactions. My mission is to capture images that tell the story of who ‘you’ are. I not only want to freeze your moments in time, but I also want to create art from those moments with you. I want to capture you or your family’s uniqueness and beauty. I want you to look at the finished products and say, “you got us”!


Stylish, quirky, outgoing, or reserved.

We are all unique with the personalities that make us ‘us’. For me, a portrait isn’t just about creating a headshot of a subject. Portraiture displays the essence of its subject(s). Whether it’s a headshot, full body, or subject in his or her surrounding, my opinion is a great portrait is one that shows the subject’s true personality and/or their current emotions in the final capture.


Soft, powerful, raw, sweet, romantic, or sexy.

Emotions run rampant when we’re in love. Having a ‘moment’ with your special counterpart is easy and natural. My goal is to capture these beautiful moments between you and your partner and freeze them into unforgettable memories that you can showcase and cherish forever.


Advertising, corporate & editorial

I’m not going to try and get cute here. You’ve got a project and you need someone that can help you get it done and get it done well. I can do that. I have a lot of experience working with both big and small clients. Want to run a campaign via print and online media? – I can do that. Want create a sexy annual report for your stakeholders? – I can do that. Want to create images to be used in materials to market your business? – I can do that too.

Get in contact with me to discuss the details of your project and we can come up with a plan.

Fine Art

Snippets of the world

There is so much beauty in the world around us. This collection is my attempt at capturing a small portion of it.


What you need to know about your session

Photo sessions are sometimes thought of as indulgences or can be intimidating. They’re gratifying or sometimes terrifying. When you book a session with me, I’ll take the scary out (unless that’s the point of the session!) and focus the attention on the positives and the fun.

If you need guidance, I’m here to provide that for you. In your session, all you need to do is show up. Let me worry about the hard parts. It’s my job to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed so that I can capture the best you.

Booking me grants you my full attention throughout your session. I will work toward making the images you’ve dreamed of, and more often than not, something greater than you’ve ever imagined.

Session Info

What to expect

We’ll have a consultation before our session to ensure everyone is on the same page. Once our session is concluded, I’ll provide you with a sneak peek within 72 hours. It will take two weeks to catalog, edit, and publish a full gallery of your images for you to review. I offer two packages.

Package 1:  We’ll review your images together and you will tell me what you’d like to do with them via an ordering appointment.

Package 2:  Includes predetermined deliverables and you choose which images you want to use to fill those deliverables.

Commercial clients:  Please contact me to let me know about your specific project and I’ll create an estimate based off of your needs.

No matter the package choice, you can always choose to get more; whether it be ordering prints, canvases, heirloom albums, coffee table books, digital downloads, etc. I’ll work with you and ensure we get you the best items to fill your walls, frames, offices, and hearts.

Package Options

Here’s what you get

Package 1:  Starting at $295.00
*Plus sales tax

  • Pre-session consult
  • Detailed planning of your session and location
  • Time & talent of photographer
  • 30- to 90-minute photo session
  • Private online galley
  • In-person ordering appointment (you let me know what you want)

*Items available at an additional cost to client

Prints, Canvases, Hand Crafted Leather Albums, Coffee Table Books, Digital Negatives w/rights to reproduce, and More!

Package 2:  Starting at $895.00
*Plus sales tax

  • Pre-session consult

  • Detailed planning of your session and location

  • Time & talent of photographer

  • 30- to 90-minute photo session

  • Private, online galley

  • Dedicated blog post

  • 12 edited digital negatives

  • Rights to reproduce

  • Prints: 2:4x6, 2:5x7, 1:8x10 or 8x12

*** Additional digital negatives with rights to reproduce available
*** Additional prints or sizes available
*** Albums, acrylics, canvases, and photo books also available

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you find yourself seeking a professional and respectful artist.

I would love to make your photos, whatever your need may be. For any questions you have or to schedule a consultation please reach out. Don’t be shy, lets get a conversation started!

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