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Tuscan Spa WeekMay 8th can’t come soon enough. Starting this date, I’ll be en-route to Italy for 9 days of MUCH NEEDED rest, relaxation, and beauty all around. From May 8th – 16th I’ll be a visitor of beautiful Italy! This is an overused phrase, but I literally can’t wait.

I’ve never traveled outside of the country by plane, not to mention alone; yet soon, it will happen. I’m both excited and frightened, anxious and nervous. But I’m glad it’s turned out this way.

It’s been an interesting past few months of my life. The high points have been… well they’ve been nonexistent, so this trip is greatly anticipated in the hopes that I’ll gain a new perspective on my life as a whole.

I feel that I’ve taken a lot of things for granted that I have in life. By getting away from them and being alone, in a foreign place, with no-one but myself to rely on, I hope to gain a new perspective, reassess what’s important in life, think about what makes me happy, and most importantly to clear my mind and discover what I don’t miss, what keeps me from developing, and what is no longer need for my life to go on.

This is going to wrap up this first post.


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