The Three Amigos (short story from work)

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/*This was a hit from yesterday, so I thought I’d share here as well. */

Once upon a time in a far distant land, there were 3 extremely wise men. They were a trinity of sorts. There was not one thing these 3 did not do together. They were as One! Most of you know this story from another tale, but I am here to tell you my take, my encounters, my pain with the ‘vicious 3’.

I first met them while working at Whataburger, I was in charge of placing the cheese on the buns and I thought of being ‘cute’ one day and decided to put Asiago cheese on the first Jeremy’s burger. Little did I know that event would change my life forever!!

Shorty after he took the first bite, a grimacing look overtook his features as He spun around and found me. He began his charge towards me just as Cain did to Abel during the second great sadness. He leapt over the Whataburger counter top with intentions of pummeling. Easily over-taking me, he threw me to the ground with neck in hand and that’s when it happened… The Trinity revealed itself to me and what I saw was that of which I had only thought to be ‘legend’…

I’m here to tell you the tails are true, for Hydra exist and the Jeremy’s + Geromy parade around like normal sweet young men. However when disturbed in any way that causes their blood pressure to rise, they reveal themselves for what they truly are, a 3 headed mythological wonder that would rival that of even the Krakan.

They wear red for there blood lust and it is a lust you never want to encounter.

This story could continue, yet we all have deadlines to meet!

Farewell my brothers and sisters, may you never witness the truth that is the trinity of 3 from center B (also known as 2).



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