Yep, I can still Paint!

Posted on | July 2, 2010 | No Comments

This past monday I did something I haven’t done it a very long time. I started and completed a digital painting. This particular painting is abstract and it’s a piece I’ve been wanting to do since 2006 when I first got inspired from a sunset in Branson Missouri.

The last digital painting I completed was in December of 08 (that’s a long time from then til now!). I enjoyed doing this on a number of different levels. The satisfaction alone of know YES, I can still do this was payment enough. Art to me has always been about transferring the God given talents I have into a positive and thought provoking manner. It is a release of emotion that I need. Without it, I would be crazy and I wouldn’t blame my family and loved ones for wanting to lock me away!

I hope to continue the creative endeavor that I’ve rediscovered. I have a few things that I have on paper that I want to translate into works of art. It’s the imaginings from up to 3 years ago. I want to create and keep creating both Traditional and Digital Paintings.

… Reminds me… I also have quite a few photography pieces I want translated to reality as well!

How exciting.



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